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Benefits Reasons why you need to try our archiving Complete and reliable real-time backup of all electronic communication in a central archive for a period of 10 years. Includes powerful and comprehensive email management and security that stops questionable and malicious content.
No capital outlay Delivered as a managed subscription service and hosted in the cloud which means no upfront costs.
Business continuity Easy access to email messages at any time using any web-enabled device together with the ability to send and receive messages from within the archive.
Compliance Complies with various pieces of legislation that indirectly prescribe the retention or archiving of electronic communication.
Control A central archive of incoming, outgoing and internal electronic messages.
Security Email archive is housed at a highly secure datacentre. Service includes anti-SPAM, anti-virus and policy compliance message filtering; mail trace and quarantine features and reporting capabilities for managing message security.
Support 24/7/365 monitoring support by experts. Free upgrades and maintenance to the system.
Testimonials STAND-OUT SERVICE, TRUSTED TECH AND REAL RESULTS But don’t just take our word for itour clients say it best:
Used By Trusted by Leading Brands Our email signature, newsletter and archiving solutions are used and trusted by diverse organizations of all sizes throughout Africa.
User Licenses
Costing Breakdown
per month
Total Amount
Excludes VAT @ 15%
User Licenses Monthly cost
1 - 250 R39.00
251 - 500 R37.00
501 - 1,000 R34.00
1,001 - 2,500 R31.00
2,501 - 10,000 R29.00
10,001 + R27.00
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FAQ Here are some important things to know
  • Q: What size does my company have to be to use the e-mail archiving service?
    The services cater for all size companies from single users to large enterprise and can be tailored to your business requirements. Related Topics
  • Q: What time periods can my e-mails be stored and archived?
    All emails stored within the archiving service are stored for a period of 10 years or until the customer decides to move away from the service, whichever comes first. Related Topics
  • Q: Can I include previous archives into the new solution?
    Most definitely. You can provide us with you archived data on a disc or hard drive, or if you prefer to FTP it directly to the server, this can be organised. This is done at a fixed once off charge and a minimal /mb charge. Should you require your archives after a certain period of time, you can remove them by paying the same fixed once off amount as previously. Related Topics
  • Q: Would my employees have access to their archived mail?
    You have the option to provide employees with access to their own archives. Related Topics
  • Q: Can anything be changed in the body of the email after being sent out? Can it be used in court if required?
    Each and every mail processed into the archive is stored in its original format with no modification being made to the message. These messages are then available on demand for *eDiscovery purposes and can be exported to .pdf format from the interface. For each created .pdf file, we store a one way hash of the .pdf and the actual message which can be used to prove integrity should it be necessary. Messages stored within our archive have been successfully used in a court of law on several occasions in the past. Related Topics
  • Q: What type of encryption is used?
    For mail in transit TLS encryption of the traffic is supported. Messages at rest within the archive are stored using 2048bit AES encryption with a unique encryption key per customer that in turn is split across multiple encrypted database tables to ensure security. Related Topics
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